Spaghetti Pie

straight out of the oven...and in to my tummy


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Feasting @ C.R. Chicks

eating lunch with my little bro today at C.R. Chicks


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This = Me

Went up to Orlando last Saturday to visit Jake's friends who were vacationing for the week. Jaq (Kyle's wife) took this picture after I introduced them to the Sopapilla dish at Don Pablos.


I love this picture.

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Refreshing Treat

I don't eat fast food, ever, really. But the frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonalds is AMAZING on a heat index of 100 degrees day.

Refresh yourself.

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Arroz con Pollo

I decided recently that I need to get over my fear of whole, raw chicken! One of the best recipes that I found so far to help me with this was an Arroz con Pollo from Food Networks Ingrid Hoffman. Check it.

It was actually surprisingly easy and didn't take much time (and as we all know, for me that is a feat since I have to add an hour or two to cooking and prep time usually. no joke). This dish was completed in just over an hour TOTAL, and it only used two pots! Winner! It also helped that I was able to buy an already broken down chicken from Publix. One thing they can do right! All I had to do was rinse, dry, add to a pot, and BAM (well, a bit more went into it than that, but you get the idea)!

I thought the dish came out looking and tasting pretty good. Granted, I could work on my pepper dicing skills, but for now they'll do. :-)

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This picture is somewhat appropriate from a culinary standpoint. Baby cow, laying in citrus, going to be used for burgers when he's all grown up! He is super cute to look at though..until that happens.

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Fromager d'Affinois - Best Snack EVER?

Once a month the company that I work for hosts a Wine & Cheese "event." It's cool.

I order cheese platters from a place in Boca Raton called the cheese course. They are AH-mazing. I know nothing about cheese because I rarely ever eat it, unless it is on pizza of course, so going to a place that specializes in stuff like this (cheese and wine pairing) is great. I have definitely exposed myself to some new flavors...some delish...some not so much. I have even started to like some white wines. :-x

One of the cheeses I discovered at the last event I had actually avoided trying the first time around - Fromager d'Affinois. Can you blame me? I figured cheese was only gooey after it had been melted on top of something. Needless to say, it is a new obsession. Slather this baby on a fresh baked baguette, and it is like you are eating buttered bread....pretty ridiculous.

A little bit about this cheese:

It is a French double cream cheese produced from cow's milk (yay cows!) that is similar to a Brie. However, unlike a Brie, it undergoes an ultrafiltration process which removes water from the pasteurized milk and concentrates the other components in it.

Pretty much the results are a kind of super fatty (fat content is about 60%) cheese with an ooey gooey middle and an edible rind. YUM. Try it. It will surprise you.


Ok. I've figured out my password and have kind of stopped being in a funk over my pup, at least enough to still get in the kitchen. Posts on the way!

By the way...I still get emails from the real women of philadelphia contest site. Can you say annoying ?!

@ Cabana El Ray with the girls

R.I.P Manny (Little Moo)

Manny died yesterday. I guess his little baby heart just couldn't fight anymore. I was with him until the end, but it is still so hard to say goodbye to my best friend.


Growing Up Pineapple - Update

I threw away the pineapple. I think I waited to long to start to germinate it. O well, maybe next time.