Fromager d'Affinois - Best Snack EVER?

Once a month the company that I work for hosts a Wine & Cheese "event." It's cool.

I order cheese platters from a place in Boca Raton called the cheese course. They are AH-mazing. I know nothing about cheese because I rarely ever eat it, unless it is on pizza of course, so going to a place that specializes in stuff like this (cheese and wine pairing) is great. I have definitely exposed myself to some new flavors...some delish...some not so much. I have even started to like some white wines. :-x

One of the cheeses I discovered at the last event I had actually avoided trying the first time around - Fromager d'Affinois. Can you blame me? I figured cheese was only gooey after it had been melted on top of something. Needless to say, it is a new obsession. Slather this baby on a fresh baked baguette, and it is like you are eating buttered bread....pretty ridiculous.

A little bit about this cheese:

It is a French double cream cheese produced from cow's milk (yay cows!) that is similar to a Brie. However, unlike a Brie, it undergoes an ultrafiltration process which removes water from the pasteurized milk and concentrates the other components in it.

Pretty much the results are a kind of super fatty (fat content is about 60%) cheese with an ooey gooey middle and an edible rind. YUM. Try it. It will surprise you.


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