Arroz con Pollo

I decided recently that I need to get over my fear of whole, raw chicken! One of the best recipes that I found so far to help me with this was an Arroz con Pollo from Food Networks Ingrid Hoffman. Check it.

It was actually surprisingly easy and didn't take much time (and as we all know, for me that is a feat since I have to add an hour or two to cooking and prep time usually. no joke). This dish was completed in just over an hour TOTAL, and it only used two pots! Winner! It also helped that I was able to buy an already broken down chicken from Publix. One thing they can do right! All I had to do was rinse, dry, add to a pot, and BAM (well, a bit more went into it than that, but you get the idea)!

I thought the dish came out looking and tasting pretty good. Granted, I could work on my pepper dicing skills, but for now they'll do. :-)


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