lunch @ Elevation Burger

It is pretty nice when you find a place that promises to give you a delish burger that is made with 100% organic grass-fed beef. It is not nice when that burger lacks flavor and makes me wish we had just gone to Five-Guys instead.

I went to Elevation Burger today with my grandma and my aunt for lunch. It was our second choice, since the first place we wanted to go to was closed, and this place has "veggie" or "vegan" burgers...which is what both my grandma and my aunt got. I don't really understand how you can call a burger a burger if it is made with :cough: soy. Anyways, I was pretty disappointed with my burger... I ordered a hamburger with balsamic mustard (which was decent), caramelized onions (which were mostly raw), and lettuce. The only thing I can say that is good about it was that it wasn't so greasy that it melted my bun (thank god). O, and I also got a strawberry milkshake (which I didn't really care for).

This place needs a new game plan.


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