Yumberry - The Yang Mei

I kid you not. That is the name of a REAL fruit. After a long (not really) morning at the barn giving Jet a bath and playing with him I stopped at Jamba Juice. I ordered my regular (Mango-a-go-go with a daily vita boost) without even looking above at the drink list, since they will make anything you want anyways....while waiting I finally started looking around and noticed displays for three new "Yumberry" drinks. I asked the drink guy if it was an actual fruit, and much to my surprise it is! So here's some stuff about it:

- Yumberry is actually the fruit juice extracted from the fruit Yang Mei.
-Yang Mei is a spherical red dimpled fruit with a soft skin and flesh and a hard stone in the middle.
- normally
- It has a unique taste that has shades of many red fruits, such as cranberry, cherry, and pomegranate.
- grows on trees between 7 and 33 feet tall
- harvested by hand in the harvesting season during June each year.
- The trees will grow on relatively poor soil due to the presence of a nitrogen fixing bacteria associated with its root system which makes it a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly crop.
- Evidence shows that Yang Mei has been consumed in China for over 5,000 years now.
- Yang mei fruit has been used in Chinese folk prescriptions for many years now and is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
- Yang Mei fruit has a range of nutrients too. Tests have shown that the fruit contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and folacin.
- 100g of Yang Mei fruit gives you nearly a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C as well as 13% of your folacin and 12% of your biotin RDA.

I suppose I will try the one of the new drinks...but it's already hard enough to decide between a mango-a-go-go and a white gummy.

(facts from Yumberry and the internets)


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