Lunch with Lian

It is always a feat to find a good place to eat lunch...especially when you're hungry, I feel like the decision is 10 times harder to make. After going back and forth with Lian today about where to eat, we decided to go to an old favorite in Coral Springs. Who says you can't have tacos and beer with your bestie during the day?! ;)

Anyways.. Tijuana Taxi is the place, and let me tell you... I really appreciate a delicious salsa with hot chips and and ice cold Coors Light.

After a round of drinks and devouring these chips and salsa...and not to mention weirding out our waitress (I swear people tremble in our presence as if we were celebrities or the "cool" kinds, haha).. our main courses came. Lian got some fantastic looking Blackened Mahi Fajitas and I got the Picadillo Tacos. BOTH were amazing.

Long story short.. if you are in the Coral Square Mall area.. you should definitely check this place out. Besides the wait staff being super weird, the manager is nice, and the beer is cold, salsa excellent, and tacos badass.


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