Cafe Frankies with Olga

Saturday night, my favorite almost mom like person (Olga) and me went out on a search for pizza! We wanted to try something new... but had Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on the back burner in case our first choice didnt pan out... well... it didn't... I'm not even exactly sure where we went... but it smelled like cigarettes and looked like it hadn't been cleaned inside in years.... So on our way down to Anthony's Olga remembered a place she had gone to in Boynton not to long ago that had great pizza.

(excuse the pictures....of course I lost my camera after finally getting a new memory card and figuring out how to use it everything is taken by my iPhone...again..)

Cafe Frankies... I'm not going to lie... this place was pretty fantastic. Also, literally the ENTIRE time that we were sitting down I was eating and/or drinking something.

We started off with beer and breadsticks with amazing! roasted garlic and pesto-hummus spread...

and then much to our surprise the chef sent out some fantastic tomatoes with basil, a sweet balsamic sauce, and Reggiano cheese ..

Now at this point...I was still stuffing my face with all of this when two of the waitresses came over with these giant displays of their appetizer and entree specials... needless to say my mouth was watering all over again..

We went with an Arugula Salad to start off with and one of the appetizer specials... chicken rolled in pasta with mozzarella cheese, flash fried, and served with a honey grand manier sauce and also drizzled with a sweet balsamic sauce... can you say AMAZING?!!

Of course since we came here originally we got some pizza for dinner.. this was pretty delicious... I had like 4 slices... (we did get the 'individual' size however, I think you can see why..with the amount of food we had already consumed up to this point!)

You can probably guess that it didn't stop here! Let me tell you... those displays really get you... because after we ate our pizza and surely had little room left for more food we "entertained" the
dessert display... AGAIN my mouth was practically watering.. it was really hard to choose between the strawberry napoleon..or the apple pie... but the italian doughnuts were screaming my name...

They came to us in a giant paper bag... the waitress shook them with powered sugar...dumped them into a dish and it was on! O yeah.. it was also served with a raspberry syrup. YUMM.

Basically...if you are in town.. hit this place up... they are on ocean and federal...just south of boynton beach blvd!


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