What a Deal!

totally found this awesome book at Marshalls today for 6.99!

can't wait to break into this bad boy ;)


soo.. I'm still eating cookies non-stop. Just took out of the oven my second batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. :D I really really need to cut back on the cookies though, so I'm making baked shrimp scampi (my fav) tonight!! Hopefully it comes out alright. Wish me luck!! :)


For some reason I cannot stop thinking about eating cookies, baking cookies, smelling cookies...all kinds of cookies.. and I have especially been craving chewy oatmeal raisin cookies...so I'm going to be making those sometime this week.. until then here is an image dump of delish looking cookies! :D

Can you guess what some of them are?

**Reunited And it Feels So GOOD**

So I have kind of been cooking these last few days, so I will be posting about what I've made..but for right now I must tell you about these AMAZING pretzels I made tonight..so as I was flipping through this months Cooking Light Magazine, I came to an article about bagged pretzels. I show Jake (because he LOVES pretzels) and at the exact same time we both said "I/You should make pretzels." So about 2 hours later I had these golden and deliciously sweet and salty, and soft but crispy skinned pretzels. MmmMMmm


with that said.. I won't have any good posts about food I've created for an undetermined amount of time... and everything will be coming mostly from what I am learning about while I read.

pretty lame..I know..