Weekend Food Coma

So Friday night, Sarah, Olga, and I went out to Tramonti in downtown Delray and let me tell you, the food was pretty unbelievable, although a bottle of wine definitely helps your opinion too. We were there practically all night, because this place is apparently one of the places to be on the ave on the weekend, but it was worth the wait for sure. Once we sat down our waiter came by, and I can't imagine he talks like this on a daily basis, but he was into the whole talking like an Italian. Which I suppose is alright. Long story short, he orders for all of us pretty much once realizing that he was about to bring 3 lobster risottos to the table for dinner.

This is what was on the menu (besides the bottle of wine):

(eggplant rolitini and fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil)

And for the main courses:

<----- flounder in a lemon and caper sauce with a potato thing
lbster risotto --------->

linguine with a creamy cognac sauce and baby shrimp served in foil

On Saturday night, I had a fantastic idea that Sarah and I should go to Moquila in Boca and get a margarita pitcher and some awesome tacos. Well. The idea turned out to be not so fantastic, and I am blaming the alcohol for clouding my judgement the past times I had been there, because it was AWFUL. First off, the restaurant is dead, so you would think that you would get good/quick service, the opposite was true in our case. Our waiter was an idiot (in my opinion) and when we ordered our pitcher of Raspberry Margarita's he brought out what was obviously a pitcher of Sangria instead. I suppose the only thing yummy was their tres salsas, but the chips were uber greasy and I couldn't seem to dump enough salt of them. Also, my tacos were cold and hard to chew, and Sarah's tortilla soup is better at our favorite Mexican restaurant(s) Senor Frogs and Senor Burrito, not to mention the empanadas we got were gross, and Sarah has made better in her kitchen, as well as Whole Foods. So skip Moquila the next time you are making Mexican plans, just sayin'.

I pretty much ate WAY more than I should have this weekend, especially food that I didnt make. How was your weekend? Any interesting eats?


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