Waffles with an Awesome Syrup

Alright. Finally breakfast is complete! And thankfully my non-diagnosed ADHD didn't ruin my strawberry syrup..I accidentally got distracted taking pictures of Manny while I was impatiently waiting for the syrup to come to a boil, and BAM! by the time I turned around it was practically boiling over the pot. My bad, thats what people say right?!

The syrup wasn't the only mishap though. I really badly wanted to make my waffles from scratch, but leave it to me to be out of baking powder when you need it most, so I had to go with my default Aunt Jamima, but thats ok, because she makes a pretty delish waffle base.

Anyways, despite all that had happened, my breakfast came out great! I was even dipping leftover waffles into the pot of syrup while was doing the dishes :x


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