My Dad's Pre-BDAY Bash

Good news! I was able to get an awesome cake ready just in time for my dad's birthday get-together. He requested chocolate chocolate chip, so thats what he got!

Since I am not a master pastry chef yet ;) I started out with Betty Crocker's Milk Chocolate Chocolate Cake mix, Betty Crocker's Whipped Chocolate Frosting, and some Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsals.

I baked the cakes is two separate 9" round pans, and then quickly moved them to the refrigerator so they could cool enough for me to slather icing all over it and roll out the fondant onto it without it being a complete mess.

Once the cakes were cooled enough, I took one, leveled it off, smothered it with icing and drizzled chocolate chips on it.

After that was done, the second cake was simply put on top of the layer just prepped with the icing and the chips, and then the entire cake was covered in icing. Sometime during all of this I also rolled and colored some fondant. What the cake actually is, is up for interpretation. Since my dad is turning 50, and the short time that I was creating this cake in, I declared it a hill. Others asked me if it was a golf course. :)


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