Fried Chicken Sandwich!

Finally! Fried chicken.

I always like to make a bunch of fried chicken in the beginning of the week..this way I can eat it with some mixed fried chicken sandwiches are pretty fantastic.

Quick run-down: chicken cutlets were prepped, cut in half, and put in a gallon bag with a mixture of flour, salt, and pepper. Then they were dipped in an egg and milk mixture in one bowl, smothered in bread crumbs in an other bowl, and then put into a hot bath of oil and butter. (I LOVE butter for frying). While all this is going on, I remembered to make extra crispy tater tots and vegetarian baked beans. Vegetarian because for some reason companies assume that people like to eat pig at every meal. This is not the my case, haha.

All groceries provided by my awesome sou chef Jake. :)


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