Fish En Papillote

As mentioned before, for dinner tonight I'm making fish! Fish en Papillote to be exact, and this is my first time making an animal from the sea besides shrimp basically. Also mentioned before, the name of the dish is just a fancy way of saying fish steamed in its own juices. :)

Quick run-down: so I started by julienning a zucchini, carrot, red onion and mincing a clove of garlic. Then in a bowl I mixed the vegetables with salt, pepper, and olive oil. (The recipe originally called for extra-virgin olive oil, but I personally hate the way it tastes so I used regular.) Next the fish, which was wild caught grey sole, was layed onto a square piece of parchment paper, sprinkled with salt and pepper, topped with the julienned vegetables, lemon slices, a pat of butter, and some white wine. The parchment paper was sealed in a half moon shape, put onto a baking sheet, and then into the oven for about 12 mins.

This was the result:

I forgot to make a side of rice... and my plating isnt the best, BUT it was delish. :D


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