Dinner Last Night

So last night I made some awesome homemade meatballs and sauce..of course, when taking pictures of everything, I forgot to use my sd card, and instead took the pictures on the internal memory. LAME. Basically I have no idea how to get them off, and that translates into no pictures for this post :(

Anyways, back to the dish. This is probably the one recipe I have been perfecting over the years, AND it is about the only one I can do without a recipe written down in front of me. :)

Also, after watching countless hours of the Food Network recently I also learned a new trick from Giada concerning making meatballs, and I tried it out and I think it worked!

Quick run-down: I started simmering a can of crushed tomatoes (whole can be used but it takes longer to reduce to a sauce), after sauteing fresh chopped garlic and onions in the same pan. Then I moved on to the meatballs. THE TRICK is that you blend everything that is going in your meatballs first, then you incorporate it into your meat, being sure to not overwork it. For uniformity I had a spoon help me out shaping the meat into..well meatballs. Once all the meatballs were formed, they were quickly browned and dropped into the already simmering tomato sauce. About 40 minutes later, everything was ready!!

This was probably the best meatballs and sauce I have made to this date! I'm kind of upset I have no pictures to show you guys.

O, yeah. I served the meatballs and sauce over a bed of rigatoni. :)


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