Cuban On Time

No distractions tonight...and tonight was cuban night! Well... my version...or Jakes version.. Anyways, it was delish, as it always is. Steak, rice, beans. YUM. You can tell my creativity isnt with me tonight, its because Lil Wayne is on the mix and his lyrics are blowing my mind at the moment. ;)

Ok, back to the food.

Quick run-down: marinated the steak in Mojo. Put the rice in the rice cooker, one part rice to two parts water, with some salt and oil. Started sweating the onions in oil and garlic until tender and delish looking. (p.s. they smelled UNBELIEVABLE)

After I felt the onions were cooked enough they were taken out of the pan and the steak was moved in.

Now manny and I are going to start going through the book I got tonight! I'll let you know if I find anything interesting...which may very well be everything. :)


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