Chicken Marsala sans Mushrooms

Morning! Now I know this post is late... but listen I had to watch two hours of 24 last night, and then was distracted by Pawn Stars, and then the last thing I know is I was asleep on the couch...

Ok, now back to dinner. It was my first time making Chicken Marsala, and Jake's first time eating it... so I was skeptical about it the whole time I was making it... but turns out its pretty simple and delish.

Quick run-down: the chicken was dredged in a flour, salt, pepper, and oregano mixture and then lightly browned in butter and olive oil. Once the chicken was turned, cooking sherry and marsala wine were added to the chicken, and the pot was covered. The chicken simmered for about 10 mins, and then the dish was complete! I served it with mash potatoes, since I cant go more than an hour without eating some sort of carb or starch.


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