Can You Say..Butter?

I loveeeee butter. I basically use it in everything and on everything. I decided to look into to it this morning, especially since I am about to use 2 cups of it in various baked goodies today.

I guess we should start with what butter even is, right? Well, I found that butter is pretty much is an emulsion of the concentrated fat of milk and some water. It can be made from milk, cream, or both of these ingredients. Butter is most frequently made from cows' milk but it can also be made from the milk of other mammals, such as sheep, goats, buffalo, and yacks. The color of the butter also varies from dark yellow to creamy which due to what the animal's are fed on or how they were manipulated with colorings during the manufacturing process. Is this getting boring? lol

Apparently a book can be written about butter.. because this is such an extensive topic..we will revisit this in a serious of posts. Here are some images in the mean time:


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