This past week I sat down with a long time and awesome friend of mine, Lian, and after a fairly lengthy conversation about what direction our lives are going in and where we would like to see them go, we revisited a topic we had often thought of as unreachable. Both of us enjoy cooking and baking especially a bit more than your average bear I suppose, so it only seems reasonable that aspiring to open a bakery or become famous pastry chefs is the next step, right?

Well this blog/site here is the result of that conversation. While we know that opening a bakery, or becoming famous does not happen overnight, we are going to start from the ground.. up! So long story short, and I may be getting ahead of myself, I have purchased a textbook (being the nerd I am) to help ease my hunger to begin my "culinary journey." Here I will be sharing my successes, failures, messes, epiphanies, and random thoughts with you guys as I go through this. :)

And that guy up there ^, thats Manny. My 9 year old Doberman. You'll be hearing alot about his experiences in the kitchen with me.


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