NY Strip and My New Grill Pan!

I complain about this all the time.. but there really needs to be a Whole Foods closer to my house because driving 20 minutes and fighting off a thousand old people in a parking lot large enough for six to be able to eat great meats and produce is ridiculous!

Ok, now that we are past that. On the menu tonight is some FABULOUS NY Strip that I picked up from Whole Foods, along with some delish (delicious, and this is the last time I will describe this for any of you who are confused about what delish means) steamed organic broccoli and mashed organic potatoes. :)

This meal is particularly exciting because 1. I get to use my grill pan again in an attempt to redeem myself for the chicken mishap on it the other week and 2. I get to try out a new technique about rendering fat that I learned from an article I read about cooking the perfect strip.

Quick run-down: The strips have been broken down into 4 pieces, to ensure even cooking and also for portion control for those hungry boys joining me at the table, and also just because I feel terrible about breaking down a beautifully cooked piece of meat into smaller pieces for easier consumption. Next they sat on the counter until I felt they were at room temperature (maybe an hour or so?) and then rubbed, and by rubbed I mean massaged, with light brown sugar, salt, and pepper. And trust me...these are all the spices this amazing cut of meat needed tonight. Once there was rub in places you couldn't imagine on the meat, they hit the preheated grill pan, fat side down. This is what I had been waiting to do all night! Why it is so satisfying to stand meat up on its side like this...is beyond me...
Anyways, after the fat was rendered to my liking, I layed the strips on their side and let them work their magic! About 16 minutes and one flip in the middle of that time later, we have the finished product! (and you have to deal with my fuzzy iPhone pictures until I find a camera better suited for this job).


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