De-veining Shrimp is pretty Uncool

Everyone who knows me, and who I've cooked dinner for, knows that if a recipe calls for 20 minutes of prep...its going to be at least double that in "Rachel" time. But, seriously, it took me like 10 minutes to de-vein three shrimp. UGH.

However, 15 shrimp, a quick marinade, and the help of my sous chef, Jake, dinner was finally prepped.

Now, this next mishap I'm blaming on the closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics. I dumped too much pasta in too little water so half my pasta was sticking and uncooked.. BUT because I had made so much I found plenty of good pasta to eat. :)

Quick run-down: the shrimp was put into a quick marinade of white wine, olive oil, and salt & pepper. Then a butter mixture was prepared with unsalted butter, minced garlic, parsley, lemon juice, lemon zest, and of course, salt & pepper. The shrimp were then lined in a glass dish and cooked for about 10 minutes in the oven.

Long story short, it was pretty delish.

After dinner, manny walked into the bedroom with the door half closed, and then he sat behind the door and barked until I came and opened the door. Needless to say, he loves me even more now for rescuing him from down feather pillows and a queen bed, and now he's sitting on the couch.


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