De-veining Shrimp is pretty Uncool

Everyone who knows me, and who I've cooked dinner for, knows that if a recipe calls for 20 minutes of prep...its going to be at least double that in "Rachel" time. But, seriously, it took me like 10 minutes to de-vein three shrimp. UGH.

However, 15 shrimp, a quick marinade, and the help of my sous chef, Jake, dinner was finally prepped.

Now, this next mishap I'm blaming on the closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics. I dumped too much pasta in too little water so half my pasta was sticking and uncooked.. BUT because I had made so much I found plenty of good pasta to eat. :)

Quick run-down: the shrimp was put into a quick marinade of white wine, olive oil, and salt & pepper. Then a butter mixture was prepared with unsalted butter, minced garlic, parsley, lemon juice, lemon zest, and of course, salt & pepper. The shrimp were then lined in a glass dish and cooked for about 10 minutes in the oven.

Long story short, it was pretty delish.

After dinner, manny walked into the bedroom with the door half closed, and then he sat behind the door and barked until I came and opened the door. Needless to say, he loves me even more now for rescuing him from down feather pillows and a queen bed, and now he's sitting on the couch.

Whats for Dinner?

So tonight I'm going to be making some fabulous baked shrimp scampi and the details will be posted as soon as its safely in my tummy ;)

Also for dinner tonight is a homemade bolegnese served over rigatoni pasta submitted to me by Danielle of Boston! Perfect for a snowy night, eh?

Daily Tip

You can consider this a tip if you will... I consider it the ONLY way to store and eat cereal properly. Ever gotten to the end of your bowl, just to find that ALL of the cereal is now soggy after bathing for 10 minutes in milk?

Well, if you store your cereal in the bag (or box, which I do, just shove it in there!) in the fridge until its cold (if you can wait overnight you will get the full effect!), you will have perfectly crunchy and cold cereal at the end of the bowl just like you did when you started! Trust me. It makes a difference. And as proof, I know people who now keep all their cereal in the fridge now. :)


I always have this dilemma in the morning.... do I drink a giant glass of orange juice? or do I eat two giant bowls of delish cereal despite the fact that milk and my body don't get along?

Can you guess what I went for?

Hint: Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries cereal

Snack Time!

I didnt make them from scratch...but I ate them..and they were delish. :x

complements of my freezer and Hebrew National Kosher Beef Franks in a Blanket.

NY Strip and My New Grill Pan!

I complain about this all the time.. but there really needs to be a Whole Foods closer to my house because driving 20 minutes and fighting off a thousand old people in a parking lot large enough for six to be able to eat great meats and produce is ridiculous!

Ok, now that we are past that. On the menu tonight is some FABULOUS NY Strip that I picked up from Whole Foods, along with some delish (delicious, and this is the last time I will describe this for any of you who are confused about what delish means) steamed organic broccoli and mashed organic potatoes. :)

This meal is particularly exciting because 1. I get to use my grill pan again in an attempt to redeem myself for the chicken mishap on it the other week and 2. I get to try out a new technique about rendering fat that I learned from an article I read about cooking the perfect strip.

Quick run-down: The strips have been broken down into 4 pieces, to ensure even cooking and also for portion control for those hungry boys joining me at the table, and also just because I feel terrible about breaking down a beautifully cooked piece of meat into smaller pieces for easier consumption. Next they sat on the counter until I felt they were at room temperature (maybe an hour or so?) and then rubbed, and by rubbed I mean massaged, with light brown sugar, salt, and pepper. And trust me...these are all the spices this amazing cut of meat needed tonight. Once there was rub in places you couldn't imagine on the meat, they hit the preheated grill pan, fat side down. This is what I had been waiting to do all night! Why it is so satisfying to stand meat up on its side like beyond me...
Anyways, after the fat was rendered to my liking, I layed the strips on their side and let them work their magic! About 16 minutes and one flip in the middle of that time later, we have the finished product! (and you have to deal with my fuzzy iPhone pictures until I find a camera better suited for this job).


This past week I sat down with a long time and awesome friend of mine, Lian, and after a fairly lengthy conversation about what direction our lives are going in and where we would like to see them go, we revisited a topic we had often thought of as unreachable. Both of us enjoy cooking and baking especially a bit more than your average bear I suppose, so it only seems reasonable that aspiring to open a bakery or become famous pastry chefs is the next step, right?

Well this blog/site here is the result of that conversation. While we know that opening a bakery, or becoming famous does not happen overnight, we are going to start from the ground.. up! So long story short, and I may be getting ahead of myself, I have purchased a textbook (being the nerd I am) to help ease my hunger to begin my "culinary journey." Here I will be sharing my successes, failures, messes, epiphanies, and random thoughts with you guys as I go through this. :)

And that guy up there ^, thats Manny. My 9 year old Doberman. You'll be hearing alot about his experiences in the kitchen with me.